Positive Music Changes Everything........From Hate to Love, From Despair to Hope...

Let's make some changes...


HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD OF "WAKE UP"   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M2VF9KX
(Part of the proceeds go to helping local schools!!!)

I remember Quincy Jones writing,"life is my music". That's the way I feel too..    
From the humblest of beginnings of sitting under my fathers' piano listening to him play jazz  when I was three years old, to choir, to sneaking away at sixteen to play blues at Sammy Longhorn's Bar (Sammy's Place) with Sammy lending me his guitar and having him and Buddy Guy congratulate me seemed to solidify my path on this blessed journey I have travelled and travailed.

I have been God blessed to write and work with incredibly talented people - Including Ben Weisman [wrote the most hits for Elvis,( Reba McIntyre,Barbara Streisand)], Ed Freeman (American Pie ), Nita Garfield (Jackson Five and Motown), Etan McElroy (John Hiatt, Kim Carnes) , Artie Colatrella (Saturday Night Fever) to name  a few. 

Also, I've been lucky enough to work with some of the best musicians on the west coast (all of them have played the Monterrey jazz fest at one time or another.) This first track, co-written with my friend Bob Conway, "Wake Up", features Dan Robbins on Bass, Lorca Hart on Drums and Tammi Brown on Background Vocals; all of them amazingly talented artists.. Hope you like it. It is being submitted to the Grammy's for Song of the Year!!!!! Oh and the top photos are taken by r.r. Jones.

God Bless, Doug..

Please join me in this amazing journey as I start offering to you what is basically a life's work in music. Partnered with some of the best musicians in the world - yes the world! I want to take you with me on this new adventure..P.S. Please don't forget to send me an email and check out my latest single "Wake Up". 

HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD OF "WAKE UP"  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M2VF9KX